Announcing free Automated HTTPS Certificates

We have recently released two new features that make it easier to utilize Section’s CDN for your website. There are two requirements to start serving traffic over Section:

  • Changing your DNS
  • Uploading your HTTPS certificate

With new Section features, we’ve streamlined the process so it’s easier to get setup and easier to manage once you are setup. For more information on our new feature for hosted DNS, read our announcement.

Announcing Automated HTTPS certificates

Until now, you’ve needed to provide your own certificate to allow Section to make your site HTTPS capable. This required you to purchase a certificate, manage the keys and installation of those keys, and ensure you stay on top of renewals so the certificate doesn’t expire.

With our automated HTTPS certificate, we can now generate a certificate for you with no additional cost to you. In addition to cost savings, you will see time savings as you no longer have to manage keys or worry about renewing your certificate. We still allow you to bring over your own certificate if you prefer.

Why should I use Section’s Automated HTTPS certificates?

Certificates allow your website to encrypt your customers data to protect their information from security threats. A critical component of a digital security strategy, certificates can be time consuming and costly. With Section’s certificate offering, your website receives a free certificate automatically without any action required from you.

Fully Managed Experience

With our fully managed certificate experience, we get your website up and running on HTTPS without any effort required by you. We continue to manage the certificate so you never have to worry about it now or in the future. And with our free offering, we save you both time and money.

Procurement: Before you can run your website on HTTPS, you need to get a certificate. This means you need to research vendors, compare prices, and spend money. With Section, we take care of certificate procurement for free.

Installation: Once you have purchased a certificate, you then need to install the certificate on your website by finding the appropriate keys. You then need to safely store the keys in case you ever need to install the certificate again. On Section’s platform, you don’t need to do anything. We will install the certificate and store the information so you don’t have to worry about it.

Renewal: After your website is running on HTTPS, it’s easy to forget about your certificate management. With Section, we take care of certificate renewal for you, so you never have to worry about an expiration date again. Automated renewals ensure your site will offer uninterrupted HTTPS for your customers without any action required by you.

Reliable Data Encryption

When your customers come to your website, you want to ensure that their private data is safe from security threats. Poor management of customer data not only creates a negative experience for customers, but also lost revenue. With Section security offering, we immediately provide your website with end-to-end encryption to ensure your customer’s data is protected.

Rigorously Tested: Section performs regular automated testing to ensure your encryption always meets or exceeds industry testing. Our testing ensures a Grade A or better on Qualys SSL Labs, a comprehensive HTTPS server test with results you can check yourself at anytime.

Enhanced Performance: Our end-to-end data encryption wraps your reverse proxy configuration with secure protocols to allow you the benefits of performance to your website that reserve proxies offer while ensuring your customers are safe from threats.

Immediate Website Benefits

Certificates provide your website with data encryption, but they also provide other benefits to your business. These benefits are seen immediately with Section, as the entire process of setting up your site on HTTPS happens automatically and without any action required by you.

Improved Brand Perception: By having your site on HTTPS, your url will display a green padlock next to your domain. This signals to potential customers that your website is secure and their data will be safe.

Increased Revenue: With a more secure brand perception, customers feel that their information is protected. This makes customers more comfortable making purchases online which leads to an increase to your bottom line.

Reputation Management: Unlike other services who make you share your certificate with other websites, our certificates are provided for your site only. This means you don’t need to worry about your reputation being impacted by things that are out of your control.

SEO Improvements Search engines review your website for many things, including if your website is secure. Having your website be HTTPS capable means that your website is more attractive to search engines and can improve your SEO and rankings.

To start improving the performance of your website or get started with automated HTTPS certificates, contact us today.

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