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distributed varnish cache servers

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  • Varnish Cache is open source and we have not messed with it
  • You can choose the version of Varnish Cache which works for your application
  • Varnish tier is ready to go out of the box
  • Use our example Gists and kickstart your caching
  • Enhance your application caching in the safety of your dev environment

Basic Caching Out of the Box

Out of the box, your Varnish configuration will cache static objects. It will observe the HTTP headers already set in your application to decide if an object is cacheable or not. metrics will show you the object hit rate for each environment (development, test, staging and production).

As you develop your web application code you can observe the hit rate in each environment so you can work out if the web code you are building has the best HTTP headers for cacheability.

advanced caching varnish hit miss

Setting up Advanced Caching

Use Varnish Control Language (or VCL) to configure the cache settings. When you make changes to the VCL and deploy, your changes will instantly be distributed to all of's globally distributed nodes.

With advanced caching options, you can set up to provide a unique caching platform for your web application and test it in your local development and test environments before pushing to production.

Edit and Commit your VCL directly in the portal and use our Gists to help you improve your website caching.

Options include:

  • Device detection logic - change application behavior based on user devices detected
  • Rewrite URLs and change HTTP headers - make "off domain" objects cacheable
  • Set caching based on server side logic - strip unnecessary cookies, override the cache times
  • Modify Cache Control Headers - set a max age cache time at client side which is different to intermediary caches
  • Set Specific HTML Pages to Cache or Not Cache
  • Set result code dependent redirections
  • Use Edge Side Includes
  • and Many More...
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