About Us

Who is section.io?

We have built and hosted large mission critical websites. We have helped accelerate websites and provided additional capacity to push through major traffic events. We have tested tried and broken many of the technologies available today to help websites deliver content optimally on a global scale.

Two recurring themes we have found through this experience, are

  1. Developers of web applications and operations teams which run them are frustrated with the clunky bolt on process for all Content Delivery Networks available;
  2. Money is being wasted on CDN features which are never used or turned off because they can't be tested properly.

We wanted to solve these problems.

Our goal is to:

Give website engineers CONTROL of OPEN solutions...and make it EASY.

Venture Backed Global Company

Backed by major Venture Capital groups including Techstars Ventures, section.io has teams in Boulder, Colorado and Sydney, Australia.

The section.io team possesses deep technical skills in web technologies and have been focused on the Content Delivery and reverse proxy space for many years.

We are extremely proud of our customers and the brilliant customer support which we have relentlessly provided to our customers since day 1.

"I just wanted to send a BIG thank you to your team for their fabulous support for our recent go live in the US. You guys were there for us and we really appreciate your help and support, you are always so professional and responsive, really raising the bar with our other suppliers. We had a successful Cyber Monday in the US, the site performed well and we smashed all previous stats in the US!!! Lillian Bozovic, Lorna Jane"

Loved by customers

Meet the team

Glenn Slaven

Glenn: Principal Engineer

More animals than children... and he has a lot of children

Jason Stangroome

Jason: Principal Engineer

Embrace change. Learn fast.

Matthew Johnson

Matt: Principal Engineer

If he was a beer, he'd be a long neck with plenty of hops.

Ivan Hamilton

Ivan: Principal Engineer

T-shirts... I live in 'em!

Stewart McGrath

Stewart: CEO

Music isn't just a way of life, life is played to music.

Daniel Bartholomew

Dan: CTO

If it's left of centre then chances are I'll run into it

Ben Cook

Ben: CCO

Don't upset the customer journey.

Shaun Guo

Shaun: Service Delivery Engineer

I feel the need for speed.

Elijah Glover

Elijah: Principal Engineer


Pete Jordan

Pete: CRO

You'll find me on the bike.

Melissa Kilbourne

Melissa: Product

My favorite word is Why.

Alex Kelly

Alex: Customer Relations

Squeeze in one more call each day

Danny Randa

Danny: Director of Marketing

Data drives the decisions

Jackson Joberts

Jackson: Platform Developer

Another layer of abstraction

Roxana Elliott

Roxana: Content Developer

I don't know what to write here.


If you'd like to become one of our Preferred Partners, or find out more about our Partner Program, email partners@section.io