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section.io is the only website performance, scalability, and security platform which gives developers the control they need to achieve unmatched website speed and reliability. Unlike legacy Content Delivery Networks, section.io provides a software-defined content delivery solution so developers can easily customize their web performance and security composition.

section.io was born out of frustration with legacy CDNs

CDNs integrate poorly with modern workflows and make it difficult for developers to properly drive their tools. Founded by Stewart McGrath and Daniel Bartholomew, who came from backgrounds in ecommerce and agile development, section.io solves these challenges developers face with CDNs:

  • Legacy CDNs lock reverse proxies in a “black box” and make modifications to these open-source tools so issues are difficult to troubleshoot.
  • Because CDNs can’t be effectively tested, some of their most beneficial features, such as caching HTML documents, are severely underutilized.

section.io was created for developers, by developers, and solves the above problems by:

  • Allowing websites to choose the unmodified reverse proxies they install on their global servers.
  • Enabling developers to easily configure and test CDN changes, meaning they can more effectively utilize valuable CDN features.

section.io gives developers control over their content delivery solution using open tools in an easy to use interface. Leading websites use section.io to set up a sophisticated reverse proxy layer on a global content delivery network in just a few steps.

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About the company

section.io was founded in Australia in 2012 and moved its headquarters to the US in 2016. It now has offices in both Sydney, Australia and Boulder, Colorado, and is backed by major Venture Capital groups including Techstars Ventures. The section.io team includes 15+ dedicated individuals who come from diverse backgrounds in engineering, agile development, marketing, sales, and product.

Customers include global ecommerce, travel, and media businesses, and we are proud of our excellent customer service. section.io also has a partner program which allows agencies, development shops, and hosting services to partner with section.

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