Real User Monitoring - RUM offers free real user monitoring for any customer that signs up and begins their trail. This enables you to see how your own visitors are experiencing your website performance with the use of a simple JavaScript snippet. Data includes:

  • Back end, front end, and full page load time
  • Throughput
  • Traffic by user agent (browser, device type)

Setting up RUM in

To add RUM to your website, simply login to your account and go to “Real User Monitoring” under “Set Up” in the left navigation. All you need to do is paste the script tag above your </head> tag in any HTML document you want to track.

Viewing your metrics

To view your real user monitoring metrics login to your account and go to “Monitoring” under “Real time” in the left navigation. From there you can click on “Real User Monitoring” in the left hand corner of the screen to view your Data