Uncover how often you are using HTTPS

What is it?: HTTP is a protocol for how web requests are handled. HTTPS is an enhanced version of that protocol to add security by encrypting your customers data so it is protected from threats. You can see when a webpage has HTTPS because the url will show a green padlock.

Why do you care?: The percentage of requests that have HTTPS show how often your customer data is protected. If this ratio is low, you are putting your customers’ data at a higher risk for incident. Websites which serve entirely over HTTPS can also take advantage of the performance benefits of HTTP/2 and will be ranked higher by Google in search results.

How do you see it?: You can your websites breakdown of HTTP vs HTTPS by going into your logs. To build a nice pie chart, you want to filter by _type:edge-access-log which limits the count to only requests to the edge proxy and then split by scheme which indicates HTTP or HTTPS. You can see this for Bootcamp here. (note our Bootcamp application is showing a low HTTPS ratio)