Discover your quick cache wins

What is it: Your website has several different types of content that can be cached: HTML, Images, CSS, and JS are the main file types for consideration.

  • HTML is the set of instructions required to load the page.
  • Images are any images or icons you load.
  • CSS is the style instruction for how to load images, text, and content on the page. And
  • JS is small scripts your browser will run as when it is instructed to by the HTML.

You can view your hit rates, volume of requests, and time to serve for each of these different content types.

Why do you care?: Understanding which types are being requested the most, require the most time to serve, and are being cached the most frequently helps you understand where your quick wins are to get started optimizing your cache configurations.

Most of the time, images and CSS will be the easiest to get some cache wins and HTML is the most likely to give you your biggest performance and scalability wins as the hit rate increases.

How do you see it?: There are two dashboards in Grafana under Real Time -> Monitoring to understand content type caching.

First, is request performance which shows throughput and time to serve by status. You can access this for Bootcamp here.

Second, is asset cache hit rates which shows the hit rate by content type. You can access this for Bootcamp here.