Automatically detect and prevent attacks on APIs and Web Apps. Intelligent application protection that stops malicious traffic and prevents sensitive data exposure without adding overhead

Instantly secure APIs and Web Apps without introducing latency or blocking legitimate users. Templarbit Shield uses a data driven approach, making it smart and capable of delivering a greater range of defense capabilities. Regular WAFs make decisions based on data available on a single request, Shield keeps a memory of all signals it has ever seen.

Powerful custom rules & smart actions. Advanced attacks often abuse business logic that is built into your app and stopping them requires code changes. Shield lets you prevent this instantly with powerful custom rules. Each rule can be setup in a few clicks, including a collection of smart actions that will execute when the rule is triggered.

Other things to note

The Section platform writes a log for each HTTP request that passes through Templarbit Shield. These will be available in our powerful Kibana interface alongside logs from all of the other proxies in your stack.