Kraken Advanced Configuration

Kraken Module Settings

Once your application has been set up with Kraken you will find the following settings under Advanced Config > kraken in the Aperture portal. We will go over these settings under Operations.

  • "lossy" : "true/false"

Enable disable lossy compression.

  • "quality" : 1 - 100

This options will only be used if the LOSSY option is set to true. Can be a number in the range of 1 - 100. If the quality option is not provided it will default to “auto” where Kraken will optimize the images based on their characteristics.

  • "cache_version" : "v1"

You can update the “cache_version” to clear the entire Kraken cache.

  • "ttl" : <time>

Sets as cache-control maxage in the response headers sent downstream

  • "enabled" : true/false

You can enable/disable image optimization by changing the value for the “enabled” option. When in a disabled state the module acts as a reverse proxy.

  • "s3" : {}

Section provides storage for optimized images. If you want the optimized images to be stored in your own S3 bucket we can set it up for you.