Acquire GoSquared Credentials

GoSquared Credentials File


You need to add a file to the root of the repository called: gosquared-visitor-count

The content of file should be: <threshold> <ID> <secret> varnish <hostname> <api_key>

  • Where “threshold” is the max number of customer you want on your site.
  • Where “ID” comes from end of URL when you are logged into gosquared.
  • Where “secret” is a string with no spaces that only you know.
  • Where “hostname” is the first hostname(domain name) used in your Section Application.
  • Where “api_key” is an api_key for your GoSquared project provided by Section engineering team.

Example: 300 GSN-000000-M a000000000bc111111111d00000 varnish jkfjijfejADFD

The GoSquared ID will be provided by Section engineering team.