How to clear the cache using the API

  1. From the management console, click API in the top menu. This will bring you to a UI for all our API routes grouped by category. API Link
  2. Scroll through the list, Click Show/Hide on the Proxy group, then click on the POST method ending with state. Varnish Cache Clear API Method
  3. Here, you’ll see an interface to help build your API call. Enter your account id, application id, environment name, and proxy name.
    These can be obtained from the URL in the management console (go to your aperture homepage and look at the URL - the numbers go accountId -> applicationId -> environmentId). Your proxy name is probably varnish, but you can also clear cache for other caching proxies. Varnish Cache Clear API Example Inputs
  4. Click Run.
  5. Now, you’ll see a generated request/response cycle for your cache-clear. Pay attention to the response, and notice that the varnish ban expression is appended to the end of the URL as a query string. From here, you can start making automated cache clearing API calls from within your system! Note that these API requests are authenticated using HTTP basic auth and your aperture credentials. To replicate the API calls made from Swagger outside of the portal, simply add –user