Whitelist an IP Address or a CIDR Range


By whitelisting an IP address or a CIDR range you can instruct Threat-X to not inspect requests from those IPs. The ThreatX portal allows you to easily whitelist an IP Address or a CIDR range.

Whitelist an IP Address/CIDR range

As first step you will have to log into the ThreatX portal at x.threatx.io and access Settings > IWAF from the navbar.

ThreatX Nav IWAF

Select the Whitelist tab and click on Add Entry in the top right corner.

ThreatX - Whitelist

This will present you with a pop to add the IP address or the CIDR range. Add and click Submit.

ThreatX - Whitelist entry

If you are whitelisting an entry previously in the blacklist make sure that you remove it from the blacklist.