Set up Bigcommerce on Section

Bigcommerce optimization on Section with caching, location optimization and HTML Streaming are paid features and managed services, please contact us to learn more.

Create a Bigcommerce store

Sign-up at Bigcommerce to set up a store and assign a domain.

  1. Sign up & create a store at Bigcommerce.
  2. Use the final DNS name that your site will be accessed.
  3. Follow the standard Bigcommerce instructions to add the domain to the Bigcommerce site.
  4. Configure an SSL certificate on the Bigcommerce store to force SSL HTTPS everywhere.
  5. Update your public DNS records to direct traffic to Section for your site.

Create a Section application

Create an application to get started and contact support who will finish custom configuration.

  1. Sign up & create an application at Section using the final DNS name that your site will be accessed.
  2. Choose the Varnish module during application creation to begin the configuration.
  3. Contact Section support to finish configuration: Contact us.

Optimize with Section

Optimize Bigcommerce with Section by configuring static asset caching, HTML Streaming and location optimization.