Set up ThreatX


This tutorial will guide you through the process to adding the ThreatX module to your proxy stack with default configuration files.

Setting up Threat X in Section

You can add Threat X to your Section setup Content Delivery Grid very quickly. There are a few phases to this process.

When creating your application you will want to select the Threat-X on the second page of the setup process.

If you already have an application on Section add the following object to your proxystack array in your section.config.json file located in the root of your repository.

    "name": "threatx",
    "image": "threatx:latest"

You can add this module at any index in your proxystack array. We’d recommend adding this module as the first module in the proxy stack.

Step 2 - Adding default files

  1. Create a threatx directory in the root of your repository.
  2. Create the following files under the threatx directory:
    • proxy-features.json

Step 3 - Populate the proxy-features.json file

The proxy-features.json file will have the following format :

    "environment_variables": [

Contact Section support at Our engineers will organize an account with Threat X. The Section team will provide you with credentials to populate the file and access the Threat X management console.

Step 4 - Deploy

Commit your changes and push them to the desired branch you are working on. Now, when you select the Advanced Config option in the left sidebar you will see the newly added threatx folder under your root directory. If you run into any issues please contact

Step 5 - Switch to auto blocking

Threat X will then be running on your site, inspecting your traffic. This period is referred to as “baselining” and allows the system to form a behavioral map of what good, normal traffic looks like for your website. After a while, look at the threats that are hitting your site with a representative from Threat X. Together you will assess the results of baselining mode and look for any false positives - this is where Threat X has detected an attack that could be a result of intended behavior or bugs in your site. As a last step the Threat X module will be switched from inspection mode to blocking mode.

You are now setup with ThreatX as part of your Section proxy stack. If you have any questions reach please contact section support at