Set up Radware Bot Manager


This tutorial will guide you through the process to adding the Radware Bot Manager module to your proxy stack with default configuration files. This tutorial assumes you’ve cloned your application’s git repository to your local machine.

Step 1 - Updating section.config.json

  1. Add the following object to your proxystack array in your section.config.json file located in the root of your repository.
    "name": "radwarebotmanager",
    "image": "radware-bot-manager:5.3.4"

You can add this module at any index in your proxystack array. We’d recommend adding this module as the first module.

Step 2 - Adding default files

  1. Create a radwarebotmanager directory in the root of your repository.
  2. Create the following files under the Radware Bot Manager directory:
    • shieldsquare.json

Step 3 - Populate the shieldsquare.json file

The shieldsquare.json file will have the following format :

The key and deployment_number will be provided to you by Section. You can contact us at

Step 4 - Deploy

Commit your changes and push them to the desired branch you are working on. If you run into any issues please contact