Virtual Waiting Room

What does it do

Maintain control of user experience on your website even during periods of extreme traffic.

Don’t let excess traffic volumes destroy every user’s experience

When an unexpected peak traffic event occurs on your website, Section’s Edge Compute Platform can route a nominated portion of users to a Virtual Waiting Room where they can remain while other users successfully navigate, engage with and transact with your website.

Optimal User Experience

By placing excess users into the Virtual Waiting Room, the users who are on your website can continue to navigate, search, engage and transact with your website. Instead of all users suffering delays and outages, the users who are on your site can continue to have a top quality experience.

The Waiting Room

You can set and manage the threshold over which excess users will be routed to the Virtual Waiting Room. When users on the website complete their transaction or leave the website, waiting room users will be allowed back onto the website.

Faster Websites Always

Combine your Virtual Waiting Room with image and full page caching on Section to effectively and efficiently serve the maximum possible number of users at all times with the lowest hosting costs.

Easy to Set up

To use Virtual Waiting Room on Section you will be set up with a GoSquared account and the Virtual Waiting Room module on the Section platform.

GoSquared provides analytics so you know how many users are on your website in real time. Section’s Virtual Waiting Room will use the real-time analytics from GoSquared to determine the number of users currently on your website. An easy to use interface is provided to control the number of concurrent users on the site. The application then displays the overload page when your maximum number of users has been reached.

To add a Virtual Waiting Room to your Section application, check out the instructions.