Developer Ready

For too long, CDNs have remained in the dark ages of waterfall processes with no integration into the agile development lifecycle. Agile methods just aren’t something that CDNs understand.

As application logic moves to the edge, Section brings the tools and processes you need to build an ideal, flexible architecture.

By allowing any engineer in your team to run a Developer PoP, you can bring the Application Edge right down onto your laptop.

This means you can adjust the Application Edge configuration on the fly, right where you write your code.

Get it right on your laptop, then use Git to promote your work. Use feature branches to experiment with new code with all the production proxies working locally, and when you, your team and your CI platform are happy, promote those changes to production with normal merge strategies.

No more worrying about whether your code will be affected by the CDN configuration when you release, and no need to be scared when you make changes to the CDN configuration.

Of course, once you’ve released your application, Section is DevOps Ready to help you attain deep, real-time insights into your HTTP traffic.