Better than a CDN

The Section platform provides superior application performance, availability, scalability, and security by putting architects, developers, and sysadmins in the driver’s seat.

Unlike legacy CDN’s, Section has designed an Application Edge system for modern agile development.

Section differs from contemporary CDN platforms by:

  • allowing a choice of reverse proxy technology.
  • allowing engineers to use normal tooling to configure the system.
  • providing a real time devops toolset.

Unlike with legacy CDNs, with Section:

  • there is no “one size fits all”. Legacy CDNs have a single architecture that may or may not suit your needs now and into the future.
  • there is no “push and pray”. With full integration into the development lifecycle, the Section platform allows you to test new proxy configurations on your laptop before go-live with our Developer PoP.
  • there is no “visibility gap”. Legacy CDNs are slow to deliver diagnostics, and offer no analytics tools to turn raw data into actionable insight. We provide dynamic and detailed logs of how your traffic is passing through our system.

Section is ready to handle your workload regardless of the number of sites you have or the size of your traffic.

Find out about how Section is Agency Ready to help you manage multiple sites.