Sub Processors

In order to provide Section services, Section engages certain sub-processors. A sub-processor may be a Section affiliate engaged in the processing of personal data or a third-party service provider engaged by Section to process personal data on behalf of the customers or users of Section services.

For more information on Section data processing obligations, please see our Data Processing Addendum.

Sub Processors

Name Type Location
Amazon Web Services Inc. Third-party sub-processor United States

Other Providers

In addition, Section uses certain providers which do not have access to personal data but are commonly used systems of distributed services that run Section software content based on the geographic location of the individual accessing the content and the origin of the content provider. Website content served to website visitors and domain name information may be stored with a service provider to expedite transmission, and information transmitted across a service provider may be accessed by that service provider to enable its functions.

Name Type Location
Google Inc. Other Provider United States
Microsoft Inc. Other Provider United States
Amazon Web Services Inc. Other Provider United States
Digital Ocean Inc. Other Provider United States
Network Synergy Corporation Other Provider Australia

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