Manage application performance with New Relic

When your origin infrastructure needs some love

Even with accelerating delivery of your website at the front end, sometimes your origin servers won't behave as they should. You need insight into what is happening in that origin infrastructure so you can prevent or respond to problems.

New Relic is a SaaS application performance management solution that provides end-to-end, real time visibility into the operations of network connected applications wherever they run – across browsers, mobile devices and servers.

At, we love New Relic. It's simple, cost effective and it works amazingly well. Just like us.

New Relic

Establish complete visibility into your application

  • Obtain constant visibility into the health and availabilty of your application
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot bottlenecks in the origin infrastructure
  • Detect slow running database and application operations
  • Drill down to line of code
  • Monitor end user experience
  • Monitor server vital signs offers great discounts on New Relic

With our New Relic partnership, offers discounted New Relic Pro

  • Two week free trial of New Relic Pro
  • Deep discounts available for platform customers
  • Getting started installation and familiarisation "how to"
  • Awesome ongoing technical support...
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Learn more about New Relic

  • Set up takes just 5 minutes
  • Monitor; .Net, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, Server
  • Simple SAAS deployment
  • Create Actionable Insights

Visit New Relic to learn even more. Or, contact us with any queries you may have.