Improved Time to First Bite with HTML Streaming

Cache dynamic content without making source code changes by using's HTML Streaming.

dynamic’s HTML Streaming feature gives users the ability to quickly improve their Time To First Byte and Start Render Time without needing to make complex source code changes. HTML Streaming dynamically caches parts of the HTML document without touching the < body > section that may have personalized elements and other factors which make it difficult to cache. This means visitors see the page is beginning to load in their browser very quickly even as is fetching the remainder of the HTML document from your origin server.

Time to First Byte is a crucial metric because it represents the time your visitors are looking at a blank screen, and it has also been shown to be the most important speed metric for Google’s search engine rankings. To set up HTML Streaming please contact today.


  • Improve Time to First Byte and Start Render Time
  • No need to change source code or insert AJAX calls at the origin
  • Setup and testing from’s experienced engineers
  • Varnish Cache for static assets also included
  • A quicker solution for Magento than Varnish Cache + Turpentine

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Technical Details

HTML Streaming is built using both Varnish Cache and LUA for powerful edge side includes. This allows to cache the < head > of the HTML document for fast load time while pulling in the remainder of the content dynamically from the origin. Because content within the < body > tags is still fetched from origin, there is no risk of catching personalized content, and no need to make any changes to your source code.

In addition to the HTML Streaming feature you will have access to the latest versions of Varnish Cache for caching images and other content to speed up total page load time.

Included Features

With HTML Streaming you'll get fast Time to First Byte and Varnish Cache for caching static content. In addition, provides free SSL certificates for HTTPS, HTTP/2, DNS hosting, DDoS protection, and real-time logs and metrics for debugging.'s full suite of DevOps tools ensures you can test before pushing to production and immediately identify and resolve issues if they do arise.

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