Best in Breed Website Performance

Good website performance means your website maintains high speeds at any scale.

website performance

Faster page load times consistently lead to more page views, decreased bounce rate, and higher conversion rates. Whether you are an ecommerce site looking to increase revenue, an application that needs to deliver content quickly, or a media company looking to improve user experience, website performance should be a high priority. In addition, without ensuring your website is scalable, marketing campaigns, product launches or news events that increase traffic can slow down or bring your site offline. gives you the tools to achieve the highest website performance outcomes possible.

Core website performance features

  • Global Edge PaaS with 28 PoPs
  • HTTP/2 speed uplift and HTTPS for improved SEO
  • Real-time logs and metrics to continually improve performance
  • Traffic overload prevention feature
  • Hosted Anycast DNS
  • Instant global cache clear
  • Instant global change propogation

Choose the performance tools your website needs.


Varnish Cache is a highly configurable caching tool that is able to cache both static and dynamic content


  • Choose Varnish Cache v3, v4, v5
  • Cache static objects
  • Cache dynamic content and HTML documents
  • Basic configuration options and example Gists
  • Set Specific HTML Pages to Cache or Not Cache
  • Rewrite URLs and change HTTP headers - make "off domain" objects cacheable
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PageSpeed FEO

PageSpeed from Google is an advanced Front End Optimization module which improves browser rendering, reduces page size and shortens round-trip times.


  • Image optimization
  • CSS minification
  • Further optimize caching
  • Lazy load images
  • Defer JavaScript
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HTML Streaming's HTML Streaming feature allows websites to achieve a faster Time to First Byte without making source code changes.


  • Improve Time to First Byte and Start Render Time
  • No need to change source code or insert AJAX calls
  • Uses Varnish Cache and LUA to pull in uncachable content
  • Varnish Cache for caching also included
  • Setup and testing by team
Learn More can improve performance and security of all platforms and languages. We have specific capabilities for Magento and Wordpress.

Magento works with Magento 1 and 2 to improve performance, scalability, and security.


  • Quick install Varnish Cache for Magento 2
  • Varnish Cache + Turpentine for Magento 1
  • Cache static and dynamic content
  • Included HTTPS for all pages
  • Increased scalability through global CDN
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WordPress blogs and websites can use to set up a Varnish Cache tier and offload compute from WordPress servers


  • Varnish Cache for WordPress
  • Cache static and dynamic content
  • Works alongside WordPress optimization tools
  • Provides greater performance than internal caching
  • Test WP/Varnish configuration locally
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