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Plans include website performance and security features with the ability to add unlimited additional page views. Get started yourself with our 14 day free trial.


Varnish Cache for easy tuning, with security features and real time insights.

1,000,000 included page views
$0.25 per additional 1,000 page views
  • Globally Distributed Varnish
  • HTML Caching
  • Real-time Logs
  • Test & Staging Environments
  • Local Development
  • Support Via Tickets
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Varnish Cache complete with choice of a Web Application Firewall for max security.

1,500,000 included page views
$0.45 per additional 1,000 page views
  • All Plus Features
  • ModSecurity WAF Included
  • Upgrade to Intelligent WAF
  • 24/7 Support Via Tickets
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Contact us with your business needs and we will create a custom plan for you.

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*A page view is counted as a HTTP response with status code of 200 and content type matching text/html, and includes bot traffic that is not measured in Google Analytics. Learn more.

Feature comparison

Plus Max
Performance And Scale
HTTP/2 Uplift Included Included
Global CDN Included Included
Powerful HTML Caching Included Included
Network Layer DDoS Protection Included Included
Automated HTTPS/SSL Provisioning and Management Included Included
Traffic Overload Protection Included Included
Access Control (IP Blocking) Included Included
ModSecurity Web Application Firewall (WAF) Not Included Included
Threat X Intelligent WAF Not Included Upgrade for $599/month Upgrade
Bootcamp Basics Included Included
Hosted Anycast DNS Included Included
Unlimited Instant Global Cache Clear Included Included
Real Time Metrics Included Included
Simple Magento Integration Included Included
Instant Global Change Propagation Included Included
APIs Included Included
Real Time Logs Included Included
Test and Staging Environments Included Included
Alerting Included Included
Programmable Configuration Included Included
Change Audit History Included Included
Local Development Included Included
Name Based Virtual Host Support Included Included
Community Forums Included Included
Chat Included Included
Best Effort Support Tickets Included Included
24x7 Support Tickets Not Included Included
Included page views
Additional 1,000 page views
Contact Us Contact Us

Frequently asked questions

Is the 14 day trial free?

Yes, our 14 day trial is free and doesn't require a credit card. Our trial allows you to create an environment on the section.io portal, configure your Varnish Cache or Modsecurity settings, and run live traffic through section.io for free for 14 days.

When does the trial begin?

The trial starts when you create an environment within the portal, which does not make any changes to your live website.

What happens at the end of the trial?

At the end of your trial period accrued utilization and charges will be cleared and your first billing period will start. You'll be asked to enter a credit card to pay for the first monthly charge based on your plan.

When will I be charged?

At the start of each billing period you will be charged your monthly fee plus any overages incurred from the previous month. Overages are incurred if recorded page views exceed the included page views from your chosen plan. You will not be charged for overages incurred during the trial.

Do I have to change my DNS to use section.io?

When you wish to direct production traffic to section.io a DNS change is required. Before you make a DNS change, you can setup your configurations and test them locally but no changes will be seen in production.

What are page views and how are they calculated?

A page view is counted as a response with status code of 200 and content type matching text/html. This includes bot traffic that is not counted in Google Analytics, and could account for up to 50-75% of your total page views. Page views are metered in units of 1000. For unique applications such as API specific applications contact us for custom options.

How do I see my page view volume with section.io?

When you create an environment on section.io and run live traffic through the platform, we capture metrics on usage. You can see a summary of your actual page views by day on your account page as well as more detailed information in Graphite. If you are unsure what your volume is with bot traffic, you can review these numbers during the trial before charges will occur to estimate your volume.

What about bandwidth?

There are no bandwidth charges unless consumed bandwidth exceeds 3Gb per 1000 pages (or average 3Mb per page) in which case excess Gb charges may apply. Read commercial terms.

What currency will I be billed in and what about taxes?

All pricing is in USD and is subject to local taxes where applicable.