Solutions Partners

Enabling hosting providers, e-commerce platforms, SaaS, MSPs, and other partners with a quick and easy way to create custom, integrated edge solutions.

Become a Section Solutions Partner

Increased Average Revenue Per User

Achieve unbeatable unit economics while delivering more value to your customers.

Innovate Without Increasing Overhead

Benefit from next-gen technology without the costs associated with design, build, and operation.

Fully Integrate Within Your User Interface

Quickly and easily integrate white labeled (or Section branded) solutions into your existing UI.

Section modular architecture

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Customer Needs and Revenue Goals

  • Create performance and security packages to deliver more value to customers.
  • Leverage multi-tenant solutions to maximize unit economics.
  • Integrate directly into your UI and billing system to streamline operations.

Section's Adaptive Edge Engine intelligently and continuously tunes and reconfigures edge delivery networks to ensure edge workloads are running in the optimal compute for any application.

Powered by Adaptive Edge Engine

Edge routing, healing, scaling, placement and orchestration

Increase customer satisfaction with your own web performance and security tools built on Section.

Your clients look to you for the most up-to-date information on application optimization and security. Build extensions to your core offerings backed by the flexibility and control of the Section Edge Compute platform.

The Section Solutions partner program opens up opportunities for partners to take advantage of Section’s web application performance and security platform.

‘‘Our previous solution wasn’t flexible enough to drive our sites effectively and generate performance gains for our clients. We chose Section because the integration of the Edge Compute Platform with agile development workflows was simple to use, completely flexible and worked well every time.’’ -Gabe Smallman, CEO, Adept Mobile.

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