Securing your applications and APIs at the Edge

Industry-leading WAFs.

DDoS mitigation at the Edge.

Intelligent bot management solutions.

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Rather than lock you into black box security solutions, choose the Web Application Firewall that suits your unique application.
Signal Sciences
ModSecurity WAF

Built-in protection from DDoS attacks.

The widest offering of DDoS mitigation tools at the Edge. Section is the only Edge Compute Platform with a variety of open-source and proprietary security edge modules designed to mitigate the damage of a targeted DDoS attack.

Intelligent and rules-based WAFs for Layer 7 DDoS protection

Signal Sciences



Snapt Nova


Layer 3 and 4 protection through Section's high capacity edge network

Platform-level protections

IP blocking

Geo IP range blocking

User Agent detection and blocking

Intelligent bot management.

Secure your application from automated threats with bot management solutions that keep bad bots out while allowing good bots through.
Radware Bot Manager

Supporting Edge Services

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Keeping your apps online to meet traffic demands.

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Optimizing for speed and cost efficiencies.

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Enabling teams to achieve faster development cycles.

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