's Reverse Proxy Library

A modular, flexible, future proof library of reverse proxy software. Your Edge PAAS always has the latest software and features available.

Choose the performance and security tools your website needs.

You need never be locked into old versions of Edge PAAS software again. Choose different Edge software for different parts of your web application and upgrade to the latest versions if and when you want.


Varnish Cache is a highly configurable caching tool that is able to cache both static and dynamic content


  • Choose Varnish v3, v4, v5
  • Cache static objects
  • Cache dynamic content and HTML documents
  • Basic configuration options and example Gists
  • Set Specific HTML Pages to Cache or Not Cache
  • Rewrite URLs and change HTTP headers - make "off domain" objects cacheable
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PageSpeed FEO

PageSpeed from Google is an advanced Front End Optimization module which improves browser rendering, reduces page size and shortens round-trip times.


  • Image optimization
  • CSS minification
  • Further optimize caching
  • Lazy load images
  • Defer JavaScript
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Nginx with LUA is a powerful rewriting proxy which you can deploy at your Edge for extreme flexibility.


  • Edge Side Includes
  • Rewrite body content on the fly
  • Third party content injection or removal
  • HTML streaming
  • Complex Routing
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Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences seamlessly integrates with to automatically block threats against your production applications, APIs, and microservices including OWASP injection attacks, account takeover, API/feature abuse, application denial of service, bad bots, and more. Development and operations get the visibility they need via integrations into DevOps and SOC toolchain products. Signal Sciences requires no signature tuning, has little to no impact on website performance, and is highly scalable and adaptable to the needs of your specific web application.


  • Analyzes and blocks threats in real-time using its advanced Cloud Engine
  • Immediately provides detailed insights on attack type, point of origin and more
  • Integrates easily into tools you already use like Slack, JIRA, and Kibana
  • Quickly drops into your stack with no configuration needed
  • Improves DevOps team efficiency by providing more visibility into security
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ThreatX is an intelligent, managed Web Application Firewall that detects and blocks threats in real-time, providing you with a threat profile via an online dashboard. With no configuration needed, ThreatX will accurately identify and block more malicious attacks than any other software on the market without impacting legitimate user activity.


  • Intelligent WAF detects and blocks in real time
  • Virtually patches both known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Full stack DDoS protection
  • Dashboards provide a multi-dimensional threat profile
  • Accurately blocks more attacks without impacting legitimate activity
  • No configuration needed from you
  • 24/7 monitoring of your website by security experts
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ModSecurity is an open-source Web Application Firewall that can be customized to your specific website and threat profile. provides you with an unmodified, fully controllable version of ModSecurity and out-of-the-box protection against the Top 10 web attacks. Set rules to block traffic and patch known vulnerabilities.


  • Leading open-source WAF
  • Customize to your specific website and threats
  • Unmodified version of ModSecurity provided
  • Out-of-the-box protection against OSWAP’s Top 10 web attacks
  • Run in detect mode first to identify necessary rules and configure them yourself
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Contact the team to discuss your specific proxy needs.

If you cannot find the proxy functionality you need, contact us as we are always adding new proxies. Let us help your team work faster and more efficiently to deliver the fastest, most secure and most scalable web application.