Section Release Notes

Platform improvements and other notable updates

Reliability, Performance, and Security Improvements

September 15, 2021
  • Faster AEE reaction time to unhealthy endpoints
  • Improved prevention of mis-cached object issues
  • Faster deployment of Node.js environments
  • New Non-HTTPS response code Ingress feature

This is the first installment of Section’s Release Notes, which we will be publishing on regular cadence to communicate platform improvements and other important updates. While these postings will serve as an aggregated summary of highlighted releases, we are continuously and frequently releasing code into production.

Below are some highlights of recent releases.

Faster AEE reaction time to unhealthy endpoints

We introduced improvements to the Adaptive Edge Engine’s (AEE) handling of PoP health checks and reactions in order to speed up the response time when unhealthy endpoints are detected. By introducing new monitors, removing unnecessary dependencies in health check cycles, and optimizing traffic redirect workflows, AEE response times have improved by approximately 33%.

Improved prevention of mis-cached object issues

We have implemented new workflows to proactively detect and respond to errors resulting from a lost connection to the message system that communicates with the cache ban and deployment processing in each PoP. As a result, we are able to address issues before they have a potential customer impact.

Faster deployment of Node.js environments

Upon discovering slower deployments on Node.js environments to select PoPs, we identified and corrected cpu-related bottlenecks in the handling of configuration changes. After implementing the fix, Node.js configuration changes returned to sub-minute deployments, with sub-10-second deployments in most instances.

New Non-HTTPS response code Ingress feature

By default Section will allow both HTTP and HTTPS requests from User-Agents and pass these through each configured Module with the X-Forwarded-Proto request header value set to specify whether HTTP or HTTPS was used, and finally pass these requests to your origin(s) using the same scheme. However, it is now common to only support HTTPS requests and to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS instead, or reject them completely. Rather than pass a request all the way to an origin to redirect or reject a non-HTTPS request, the Section platform can respond immediately to the User-Agent and avoid all Modules and origin. View docs for more detail.