Real Time Log Management

Real time log management allows developers to quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues by enabling them to search and graph system logs.

Gain full visibility into your Edge PaaS.

Store, search, and visualize logs using the ELK Stack so you always know exactly how your application is performing without having to sift through thousands of individual logs.


Easily view your application's data.

See application metrics including overall throughput along with proxy-specific metrics to easily view cache hit rate, threats blocked, and other vital information.


Facilitate communication between Dev and Ops.

Use Grafana to visualize data and track long-term patterns and trends that can be shared across both business and technical teams.

IP blocking

Stop attacks before they occur.

Detailed logs help you identify potential threats to your application. Dedicated ModSecurity, ThreatX, and Signal Sciences show you how your application is blocking attackers.

identify errors

Immediately identify errors and outages.

Use logs and’s integrated alerting system to immediately be notified when unusual activity occurs, ensuring your website stays up even under high-traffic times.

Achive better website performance and security with gives developers control over their reverse proxy configurations and full visibility into how their configurations and application are performing. uses the ELK stack to provide real-time log management, and visualizes metrics data in easy-to-understand Grafana graphs. With the Edge PaaS Platform, developers get best-in-class metrics and monitoring tools they want right in the portal, with no setup needed.

By giving developers the ability to test before deployment and immediately identify issues via logs and real-time metrics, websites using cache more content, scale faster, and block more threats than with any other solution.

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Real Time Log Management: Technical Details

The portal includes ELK Stack logs for storing, searching, and visualizing logs for your application and each of your reverse proxies. All web access logs for all traffic flowing through the proxies are stored in Elasticsearch and retained for 7 days. We provide you with direct access to Elastic’s Kibana tool for querying your log data.

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