Code at the Edge

Edge containers and serverless with zero hassle.

Custom Code and Edge Services
Deploy your containers or serverless functions at the Edge for reduced latency, increased scalability and reduced data backhaul. These solutions can be deployed as is, or you can add, swap, or remove any other Section Edge Service when you need.

Deploy Containers at the Edge. You choose the code.

Starting at $495/month
First Month Free*
Serverless Functions
Serverless Functions at the Edge. No limit to execution time.

Starting at $495/month
First Month Free*

*30-day free trial offered upon signup.
Pricing is based on volume of requests passing through your edge stack and services deployed.

Section's Adaptive Edge Engine intelligently and continuously tunes and reconfigures your edge delivery network to ensure your edge workloads are running in the optimal compute for your application.

Powered by Adaptive Edge Engine

Edge routing, healing, scaling, placement and orchestration

Core platform features include
Every Section Edge Solution is supported by the features of our Core Platform which includes security, flexibility, scalability and everything modern DevOps teams need to manage an Edge application.

  • Global distribution of 60+ PoPs
  • Unlimited domains
  • Anycast DNS hosting
  • Maintenance pages
  • Section support and training
  • APIs
  • Git-backed CI/CD workflows
  • Instant global deployments
  • Developer PoP
  • Instant cache purge
  • Real-time metrics
  • Log management
  • Core DDoS mitigation
  • IP restrictions and blocking
  • Managed SSL certificates

Not sure where to start?

Our team of engineers is ready to talk through edge compute solutions to fit your application's needs.