announces partnership with Magento Commerce announces partnership with Magento to improve website performance of ecommerce sites is the only globally distributed web performance and security platform built for modern developers

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 08, 2016 –, the only website performance and security platform built for modern developers, today became a member of the Magento Technology Partner program as a Select Partner.

Magento Select Partners are companies that extend the capabilities of Magento in unique ways, and Magento recognizes as a break-through technology that integrates seamlessly with their eCommerce platform.

Unlike Content Delivery Networks, which lock performance and security features behind complex deployment procedures, limit real-time developer visibility, and cause management and operational overhead, gives teams the tools to easily unlock and control higher levels of performance and security functionality.

For teams implementing Varnish Cache, (which Magento strongly recommends for optimal performance), gives the added benefits of:

  • An easy-to-install version of Varnish Cache
  • A globally distributed network to further improve page load time
  • Real-time metrics so users can actually assess how Varnish Cache is impacting their bottom line

“section i.o is uniquely tuned to serve the needs of our joint mid-market customers and developers with their simple, yet powerful solution which enhances web performance and provides real-time monitoring metrics,” stated Mark Lenhard, senior vice president of strategy at Magento. “We’re excited to partner with them in extending this functionality to our merchants, as well as’s globally distributed network and implementation support.”

Development teams using can:

  • Install a Global Varnish Cache layer for their Magento website in less than 5 minutes
  • Cache both static files and full HTML documents on the globally distributed network
  • Use a test environment to test configuration before pushing to production
  • Report and alert on the status of the requests and the outbound content in real time
  • Reroute requests
  • Map to agile workflows and devops processes
  • Diffuse DDOS and DOS attacks
  • Block malicious inbound requests
  • Quickly improve SEO with dramatic site response improvements
  • Manage many websites easily from one application, including free SSL certificates

According to Stewart McGrath,’s CEO and founder, “By leveraging smarter, Magento-specific caching strategies on the global network, eCommerce mangers can substantially improve the load speed of pages and keep their site up and flying when traffic volumes surge. Performance and security of eCommerce sites are so important for customer satisfaction and revenue. We want developers to have the best tools to help them deliver for their businesses.”

Learn more about how improves website performance for Magento or interested parties can try for free for 14 days.

ABOUT SECTION.IO is the only website performance and security platform built for modern developers. Leveraging docker containers and modern cloud infrastructure, gives technical teams unprecedented control over content delivery and website security.

With tech teams build and deliver faster, more secure and more scalable websites.

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