Flexible Edge

Origin PoP (Origin Shield)

Run a Section PoP as close as possible to your origin infrastructure to deliver another layer to your edge network for increased offload, control and defense in depth.

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Place a Section PoP at your origin infrastructure

Section’s Origin PoP takes the concept of origin shield one step further and allows you to run a PoP inside your origin infrastructure for increased control and the opportunity to reduce your security footprint.

Traditionally thought of as an Application Delivery Controller, Section’s Origin PoP means you can run the same range of software with the same quality Section development process integration and real time diagnostics for your ADC, as you do for your distributed, global edge network.

Global Edge Network

Section is built on the foundations of AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, RackCorp, Packet, and Google Compute Engine, with more hosting providers being added regularly. You specify the compute infrastructure in your cloud account on which Section’s PoP will run for your application.

Set up your Section Origin PoP to handle:

  • Custom Edge Compute Requirements
  • Load Balancing
  • Dynamic Caching
  • Static Caching
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Image Optimization and other FEO
  • Any other Section feature
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Advanced infrastructure that protects from attacks

Section’s public network is highly scalable and elastic, protects from network-layer DDoS attacks, and offers superior connectivity and peering. In addition, Section is PCI compliant and provides high network reliability.

Other features of Section include Anycast DNS hosting, load balancing, HTTP/2 for all customers, ELK Stack logs and alerting to immediately diagnose issues, and real-time metrics.

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