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Automated Security for Cloud-Native Applications and APIs

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Cloud-Native Web Application and API Protection

Wallarm protects your applications and APIs with ultra-low false positives and no manual tuning from OWASP Top 10 threats, business logic abuse, bad bots, account takeover (ATO), and more.

Built by practitioners for practitioners, Wallarm provides out-of-the box protection for your applications, APIs, and microservices. DevOps and Security teams get unparalleled visibility into malicious traffic with noise-free alerts in their existing tools and automated incident response for live attacks. Hundreds of customers rely on Wallarm to protect their legacy applications and modern APIs, which are both built with the most comprehensive tech stack (REST, SOAP, gRPC, and graphQL).

Wallarm is the only solution with active components. Built-in Security Scanner assess your entire organization perimeter. Get through the traditional WAF’s noise and focus on real threats with automated incident response! Wallarm’s solution provides automated rule tuning, integration with SIEM/SOAR/DevOps tools, and a smart notification engine to get alerts in Slack, PagerDuty, and Kibana. In addition, native integration with Section.io platform opens new Cloud-Only deployment options targeting SMB space!

Cloud-Native WAF

  • Cloud-agnostic agents
  • Autoscaling capability
  • Multi-tenancy
  • OWASP and behavioral threats

API Threat Protection

  • REST, gRPC, GraphQL, SOAP support
  • Automatic profiling based on traffic, no schema required
  • Internal, external APIs and legacy web protection

Active Prevention

  • Automatic scanning for new endpoints and assets
  • Generating security tests based on real traffic

Full-Cloud Wallarm WAF enabled by Section

Enjoy the ease of deployment, low TCO, and faster POC cycle to get your WAF protection up and running in minutes, not hours! Get instant access to the modern WAF/WAPP features that are trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises and tech companies.
Wallarm on Section

Wallarm protects hundreds of hi-tech companies across the globe.

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