Varnish Cache™

Ultimate Scalability and Performance for HTTP Applications

Run Varnish Cache on your globally distributed Edge PaaS in just minutes.

Choose from Varnish Cache versions 3,4,5 and the very latest, V6.

Varnish Cache is an opensource HTTP reverse proxy which is brilliant for accelerating web applications. Super fast and super flexible, Varnish Cache can be used to achieve a variety of outcomes from caching "the uncacheable" to routing, blocking or manipulating your HTTP traffic. See the Opensource Project for more on Varnish Cache.

Why is Varnish Cache on easier and more powerful? takes the complications out of installing and configuring Varnish Cache for your web application.

Running Vanish Cache on means:

  • Varnish Cache ready to go on a global network.
  • SSL termination and SSL certificate management.
  • Fully managed Varnish Cache scaling and scalability, global redundancy and infrastructure management.
  • Real time Varnish Cache metrics and logs presented in the portal for immediate and comprehensive Varnish Cache diagnosis and management.
  • Continually updated choice of Vanish Cache version; up to the very latest available.
  • A graphical user interface for simple configuration.
  • Example Gists to kickstart your advanced configuration.
  • A development environment to test your caching changes safely.
  • 24x7x365 engineering support.

simple config Varnish Cache

Advanced Caching Configuration gives developers complete control over their Varnish Cache configuration, allowing you to push your web speed to the extreme, caching dynamic content and even full HTML documents. We also provide real-time Varnish Cache metrics and logs so you can see how your caching is performing and diagnose and resolve any issues immediately.

Edit and commit Varnish Cache Control Language (VCL) changes within the portal to configure cache settings and take advantage of the flexibility Varnish Cache offers. Test your changes in our local and testing environments: when you go live, your changes will instantly be distributed to all of's globally distributed servers.

advanced caching Varnish Cache hit miss

Cache settings include:

  • Device detection logic - change application behaviour based on user devices detected
  • Rewrite URLs and change HTTP headers - make "off domain" objects cacheable
  • Set caching based on server side logic - strip unnecessary cookies, override the cache times
  • Modify Cache Control Headers - set a max age cache time at client side which is different to intermediary caches
  • Set Specific HTML Pages to Cache or Not Cache
  • Set result code dependent redirections
  • Use Edge Side Includes
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