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An intelligent WAF that protects your application from the most advanced security threats.

ThreatX is an intelligent WAF that learns your application’s specific threat profile and automatically blocks threats while protecting legitimate traffic. ThreatX requires no configuration by you and is backed by a team of security experts who constantly monitor the latest hacker trends alongside your application’s vulnerabilities.

By combining Section and ThreatX, you get enhanced scalability and performance through Varnish Cache and Section’s Edge Compute Platform in addition to a next-generation WAF. With Section, adding ThreatX to your application is easy. A simple DNS change is all that’s needed to enable ThreatX on to your application.

How ThreatX identifies and blocks more threats.

Smart Threat Identification: ThreatX uses smart sensors to analyze your site’s traffic patterns and identify malicious entities based on their combined behavior, rather than on individual security events. ThreatX identifies not only the entity performing the attack, but also the level of progress made by the attacker by tracking threats across the seven states of attack and providing you with multiple response options.

Real Time Threat Response: ThreatX factors out false positives and duplicate security events and escalates only when a specific entity has made progress to a level defined by you. Malicious traffic can be tracked, blocked, or slowed down by redirecting it through a highly-interactive network honeypot trap.

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Combine Section and ThreatX for advanced attack protection.

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ThreatX’s intelligent WAF will accurately identify and block more malicious attacks than any other software on the market without impacting legitimate user activity.

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Automated analysis of thousands of security events greatly reduces your workload, while ThreatX’s security team ensures nothing gets missed.

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By combining ThreatX’s next generation WAF and Section you get best-in-class security, performance, and scalability within one solution.

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The ThreatX dashboard suite provides a clear, accurate view of all possible threats ranked by threat level and shows you how ThreatX responded.

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Section's local development environment allows you to see how changes made to ThreatX’s WAF or your caching and HTTP delivery configuration will impact your application in production.

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With a simple DNS change, Section will put your traffic through our globally distributed network, provide you with HTTP/2 and HTTPS, and add ThreatX’s WAF to your application.

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Add ThreatX to your edge stack to protect your application from the most advanced security threats.