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Providing real-time protection for any application, against any attack, with integrations into any DevOps toolchain.

Signal Sciences was created by CISOs, CTOs, and engineers looking to integrate advanced website security with cloud solutions and DevOps workflows. Signal Sciences analyzes and blocks threats in real-time, with 95% of customers using it in blocking mode, reducing false positives while identifying more threats than other solutions.

Signal Sciences uses contextual information and next-generation cloud analysis to immediately block threats while sending detailed insights to an intuitive dashboard so your development and operations teams can work together to continually improve your web application’s security. Signal Sciences integrates with tools you already use including Slack, JIRA, and Kibana so you get detailed insights where you need them, when you need them.

Protecting major global brands

Combine Signal Sciences and Section for world-class application performance and security.

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Both Signal Sciences and Section are committed to bringing DevOps solutions to application performance and security with real-time logs, metrics, and monitoring.

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Section requires just a simple DNS change to send traffic through our global network, and Signal Sciences can be added to your Edge Compute Platform in just 5 minutes.

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Signal Sciences and Section are both built to be highly scalable, keeping your application fast and secure at any traffic level.

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Section's Developer PoP allows you to run your full edge delivery and security configuration in your local environment before pushing to production.

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Deploy Signal Sciences on Section's global edge network, or on a custom edge PoP network designed for your traffic.

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Block more threats while reducing false positives with advanced, context-based analysis that goes far beyond the OWASP Top 10.

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Add Signal Sciences' Next Generation WAF to your application security perimeter with Section in minutes.