Real-time Bot Mitigation and Management


Secure Your Web Application From Automated Threats With ShieldSquare

ShieldSquare specializes in delivering best-of-breed non-human traffic detection and management solution. Solution secures online businesses against automated threats such as content and price scraping, account takeover, gift card fraud, skewed analytics, ad fraud, and application DoS.


Bot detection engine utilizes multiple techniques to identify bots including proprietary Intent-based Deep Behavior Analysis (IDBA), user behavior analysis, device and browser fingerprinting, IP reputation, and machine learning. Over 250+ browser parameters are used by proprietary algorithms to build a unique fingerprint of each user. Challenge-response mechanisms such as CAPTCHA helps to build a closed-loop feedback system that dynamically improves the machine-learning models.

Once a bot is detected, ShieldSquare can block, provide alternate content, serve a CAPTCHA challenge, or perform other custom actions. Additionally, these responses can be customized for specific sections of a website.

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Why ShieldSquare

Intent-based Deep Behavioral Analysis

IDBA can detect sophisticated attacks that are either massively distributed or adequately ‘low and slow’ to operate under the permissible limits of rule-based security measures.

Ability to Handle Bot Traffic in Multiple Ways

Solution allows you to take custom actions based on bot signatures/types. You can outsmart competitors using ‘feed fake data’ method that enables you to feed fake pricing and product information to the bots deployed by competitors.

Transparent Reporting, and Comprehensive Analytics

A granular classification of different types of bots such as search engine crawlers, and malicious bots allows you to efficiently manage non-human traffic. Transparency in reports is particularly useful for automated threats such as digital ad fraud.

Accuracy & Scalability

ShieldSquare offers unmatched accuracy without affecting genuine user experience. Detection engine processes billions of API calls every month.

Seamless Integration with

ShieldSquare can be easily deployed with without any infrastructural changes. and ShieldSquare both are highly scalable and work seamlessly to eliminate automated threats in real-time.

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