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Leading enterprises trust PerimeterX to protect their websites and mobile applications from attacks aimed at stealing user data, personal information and business critical content. Solutions from PerimeterX help you discover risks, prevent attacks and act with confidence to win in the digital world.

#### PerimeterX Bot Defender Scalable, behavior-based bot protection for web and mobile applications, and APIs. Defend against account abuse, carding, checkout abuse, marketing fraud and web scraping.

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#### PerimeterX Code Defender Client-side user data protection on your critical web properties. Defend against PII harvesting, watering hole attack, and digital skimming.

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#### PerimeterX Page Defender Client-side browser malware protection that blocks unwanted ads and scripts from redirecting web visitors. Increase website revenue and improve user experience.

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PerimeterX can be added to Section's global Edge Compute Platform on any Section account. Contact us to get started with PerimeterX and Section.