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Protect Client-Side User Data

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Monitor the behavior of every script running on your site

Open-source tools, code libraries, and third-party scripts can skim or steal sensitive user data on your site. Compromised scripts can steal credit card numbers, PII, and track user behavior data. PerimeterX Code Defender monitors when scripts try to steal data and alerts you in real time to take the necessary action to secure your site.

#### Gain Visibility Track page element changes to see what scripts are doing to your site.
#### Prevent Data Loss & Leakage Prevent unwanted scripts from accessing sensitive data by enforcing strict data.
#### Monitor Third-Party Scripts Track changes of third-party scripts to ensure continued security.

Code Defender Detects Many Different Attacks

Digital SkimmingPII HarvestingWatering Hole

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PerimeterX can be added to Section's global Edge Compute Platform on any Section account. Contact us to get started with PerimeterX and Section.