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Powerful, accurate, and proven bot detection solution

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Prevent bots from scraping and compromising data

Global cybercriminal syndicates are abusing your website, mobile apps and APIs to attack your business. PerimeterX Bot Defender prevents automated attacks against your web properties, native mobile apps and APIs including account takeover attacks, account abuse, fraud and exploitation of mobile API vulnerabilities

How Bot Defender Works





Unlike solutions based on legacy signature or fingerprint technologies, PerimeterX's new approach to bot detection focuses on dynamic behavior profiles of real users to accurately detect even the most sophisticated bot attacks in real time.PerimeterX Bot Defender can be deployed quickly and reliably due to the extensive integrations available, including leading cloud infrastructure, SDK/Middleware, Load Balancer/Web Server, and Analytics tools.Designed for high scalability and web scale performance, the PX Sensor provides real time sensor data and enforcement via out-of-band communication with PerimeterX’s cloud-based detection and enforcement platform.PerimeterX Bot Defender is invisible to users and provides the best user experience and application performance while ensuring app integrity and security.

PerimeterX Differentiators

  • Best-in-Class Bot Protection
    Benefit from industry-leading bot detection accuracy and customizable mitigation for web and mobile applications and APIs.
  • Positive User Experience
    Built to preserve your real users' experience without sacrificing page load performance.
  • Unmatched Precision
    Advanced behavioral analysis technology detects anomalies in user behavior including login dialogs and web-surfing patterns, preventing even the most sophisticated bot attacks.

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PerimeterX can be added to Section's global Edge Compute Platform on any Section account. Contact us to get started with PerimeterX and Section.