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Optidash has built a complete, AI-powered solution for all image optimization and recompression tasks, providing developers and content creators with the fastest and most accurate image optimization and processing technology.

In the choice between high page speed and high quality images, speed is often sacrificed for quality. Generally, it works like this: quicker page speed = less bytes = less quality. Optidash understands what the human eye sees. It reduces byte size and allocates reduced volume strategically across any image, resulting in significantly less image weight and no perceptible quality loss. The benefits are immediate and measurable.

By distributing Optidash across Section’s global edge network, you’re able to deliver high quality images at blazingly fast speeds, creating better digital experiences for end users while reducing data backhaul to your centralized infrastructure.

On average, the image optimization engine saves 40% of the initial file size without any noticeable loss in image quality.

With Optidash, there’s no need to sacrifice image quality for performance. Optidash’s Smart Lossy Optimization technology uses advanced algorithms to strike the optimal balance of image quality and file size, delivering exceptional digital experiences for end users.

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Optidash image optimization

The benefits are immediate and measurable

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Serving bloated, unoptimized images across your web properties results in high latency and user frustration. With Optidash on Section, you can trust that you're delivering the highest quality images at the fastest speeds.

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By deploying Optidash on Section’s Edge, you’re able to perform image optimization and processing closer to end users, which translates to less bytes needing to be sent to your centralized infrastructure.

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Page speed is a key signal that Google uses when ranking search page results. Adding advanced image optimization tooling with Optidash gives your site instant and measurable performance gains, helping boost search rankings so your website is more discoverable for potential customers.

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Optidash’s proprietary machine learning models do all the hard work for you. Trained on millions of images, neural networks detect critical areas of images and accurately predict optimized encoding parameters based on aggregated data.

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