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Advanced Image Optimization

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Use Kraken.io to optimize images and reduce page weight and load time.

Deploying the Kraken edge module on Section’s Edge Compute Platform means you will immediately have access to Kraken Pro and all the advanced image optimization features included:

  • Reduce page weight without sacrificing image quality
  • Speed up page delivery
  • Take workload off the marketing department and let Kraken manage image size and quality
  • Optimize browser rendering

Image Optimization

Image optimization for web is one of the most important elements of delivering faster pages. Having large image files or a high number of individual images can significantly impact load times, and unrendered images result in poor user experience. Kraken optimizes all common image file types by compressing them so that visitors receive images that work best with their device type and browser. Kraken also resize images on the fly.

To see how Kraken can reduce image sizes by 50% or more, visit the Kraken docs.

Merrell performance increase with Kraken

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Accelerate your website by deploying Kraken on Section's Edge Compute Platform.