Edge Containers as a Service

Accelerate deployments with enterprise-ready container orchestration across distributed multi-cloud and edge environments.

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You bring the container. We deploy, distribute, and scale it.

Built on the backbone of Kubernetes, Section’s Edge as a Service platform removes the burdens associated with workload deployment, orchestration, and scaling so you can focus on your core application.

Easy Path to Cloud-Native

Experience all the transformative benefits of a cloud-native deployment model without having to completely re-architect your application.

Global Distribution

Get your application closer to end users by leveraging Section's on-demand global multi-cloud and edge network and/or define your own custom delivery network.

Performance & Security

Optimize your cost-performance frontier while leveraging best-of-breed security solutions to protect your applications from harmful threats.

Section's Adaptive Edge Engine intelligently and continuously tunes and reconfigures your edge delivery network to ensure your edge workloads are running in the optimal location for your application.

Powered by Adaptive Edge Engine

Edge routing, healing, scaling, placement and orchestration

Wallarm, a leading web application firewall (WAF) technology provider, came to Section looking for an easier deployment model for their customers. They were able to quickly achieve a fully cloud-native solution that delivers better performance and a more robust security footprint for their customers.

Federated Multi-Cloud & Edge Network

Rather than investing in our own fixed network of hardware, Section distributes Kubernetes clusters across a vendor-agnostic global network of leading infrastructure providers, giving you the ultimate in flexibility.
edge as a service

Built For DevOps

Section is designed to seamlessly integrate into your development lifecyle.

  • API-First Approach
  • CI/CD Pipeline Integration
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Git-Backed Workflows
  • Developer PoP
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics

Understand how your Edge stack is performing.

Use the Section Traffic Monitor to view real-time traffic flows and time series to evaluate performance, diagnose issues, observe patterns, and share value with key stakeholders.
edge traffic monitor

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Deploy your containers at the Edge on Section's platform.