Custom Edge Module

Deploy Your Serverless Workloads at the Edge

Distribute serverless code across Section's global edge network without thinking about server selection and scaling.

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Better delivery without the hassle.

Achieve lower latency, improve scalability, and reduce network costs by delivering your code closer to end users.

Section’s industry-leading Edge as a Service solution gives engineers full control and flexibility to run any workload, anywhere along the edge continuum. All you have to worry about is shipping your code, and we take care of the rest.

Run custom edge workloads on Section.

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The Section platform was designed with the full application development cycle in mind. Clone the edge environment locally, and configure and test changes before pushing to production.

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Section requires just a simple DNS change to send traffic through our global network, and custom workloads can be added and deployed in minutes.

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Section is built to be highly scalable, keeping your web application fast and secure at any traffic level.

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Run workloads anywhere along the edge compute continuum to fit your application’s needs.

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Distribute your containerized and serverless workloads on Section's global edge network.