Cloudinary Image Optimization

Use Cloudinary to deliver the optimal image for every image viewing context

Deploying on the fly image manipulation and optimization for your website is super simple on Deploy Cloudinary on your application to access all the benefits of the Cloudinary Image Optimization suite.

  • High performance image optimization
  • Crop, scale, transcode, enhance images on the fly
  • Dynamic scaling and cropping of responsive images
  • Device recognition and image manipulation to suit

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Image Optimization

Image Optimization for web is one of the most important elements of delviering faster pages. Having large image files or a high number of individual images can significantly impact load times, and un-rendered images result in poor user experience. Cloudinary optimizes all common image file types by compressing them so that visitors receive images that work best with their device type and browser.

Cloudinary can also re-size images on the fly to match HTML sizing, change the image file type if necessary, extend image caching, and inline images directly into the HTML or CSS, which reduces the number of server requests.

To see how Cloudinary can optimize all your images, visit the Cloudinary Documentation.

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