Maintenance Pages

For planned or unplanned maintenance periods or application errors, use's Edge PaaS to deliver a friendly outage page to your users.

Deliver a better experience to your users even when your servers are offline.

Whether you have planned maintenance underway or your servers are unexpectedly offline, you can serve a friendly outage page to your users from the platform automatically.

planned maintenance

Planned Maintenance

When you know you need to take your site offline for a period to perform maintenance, serving a friendly outage page directly from is a simple and effective way to improve your user experience.

unplanned maintenance

Unplanned Outages and Errors

By setting up to respond to your users with an unplanned maintenance page or friendly error page, you can concentrate on identifying and resolving the underlying problem knowing your users are receiving a branded outage messages.

easy to set up

Easy to Set Up

Included as part of any subscription with Varnish Cache enabled, the Maintenance Page feature is simple to set up with some simple VCL. Let us help you get started.

set up HTML

Customized HTML

Prepare and load your HTML and assets to be served from the platform so that when planned or unplanned maintenance happens, you are ready with your outage page to be served directly from

Providing the best experience for your users even when your website is down

Every website needs to perform maintenance at some point or other whether just a part of the website or because of some core problemn surfacing with the code, database or hosting infrastructure.

Users browsing the wrong url on your domain will strike 400 response errors and timeouts, connection or execuction failurs will generate 500 error codes.

So while outages and errors are inevitable, providing cusotmers with unbranded error pages with no information as to why the site is offline is avoidable. By providing users with an insight that the site is either intentionally or unitentionally offline, users will be more likely to accept that the outage is temporary and that you have the problem in hand.

Ultimately, a friendly maintenance page means users affected will be more liekly to return to your site and faster.

outage pages

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Maintenance Pages: Technical Details

To use Maintenance and Friendly Error pages on you will need to have Varnish Cache 3, 4 or 5 on your application. Varnish Cache is a reverse proxy that uses rules you create in VCL (Varnish Configuration Language) to manage HTTP requests by caching objects or redirecting users.

To add friendly Maintenance or Error pages to your application, check out our docs for instructions.’s experienced engineers will help also help your engineering team implement Maintenance and error pages for you during an activation session or when you are heading into a maintenance period.

Set up Maintenance Pages