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Faster websites lead to increased page views and more cart conversions.

Magento 2 is built to integrate with Varnish Cache for improved speed, but it takes advanced development work to configure Varnish Cache for optimal Magento 2 performance.

section.io’s Magento 2 extension takes the work out of Varnish Cache configuration by giving you Varnish Cache on a globally distributed content delivery network in just a few simple steps. Don't wait, get the extension or speak to our Magento 2 experts today.

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Set up Varnish Cache on section.io's CDN

Step 1

Install the Magento 2 extension and create a section.io account within the Magento portal.

Step 2

Pull in the recommended Varnish Cache configuration for Magento with one click in the extension

Step 3

Change your DNS settings to point to section.io and go live with a globally distributed Varnish Cache configuration!

section.io supercharges Magento 2

When you add the section.io Magento 2 extension or configure Varnish Cache for Magento 2 on section.io you’ll get these benefits:

  • Faster web pages
  • Increased website scalability to handle influxes of traffic
  • Decreased hosting costs
  • Security features including HTTPS for all your pages
  • Option to add advanced security through a Web Application Firewall

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