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Moving to Magento 2 or looking for better performance in Magento 1? is a Magento Select Partner that installs and manages Varnish Cache and improves site speed and security.
Download the Magento 2 Varnish Cache extension.

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Without you're missing these Magento optimizations.

Improve website speed
Improved page load speed

It’s been proven that faster pages reduce bounce rates, and increase number of pages viewed and cart conversion. By leveraging Magento-specific caching strategies, you'll get faster pages and increased revenue.

increase website scalability
Increased scalability

Events such as Cyber Monday or marketing campaigns can drive up web traffic. ensures your website performs well under pressure, getting more customers through the checkout process.

decrease hosting costs
Decreased hosting costs

Caching content on a globally distributed network significantly decreases the number of requests to your servers, which directly impacts how much you pay your hosting company.

website security
Protection from attacks gives all users an automated HTTPS certificate for your entire website, and you can add features to protect against DOS, DDOS, and other common web attacks so your customer data always stays safe.

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How to Improve Magento Performance

This in-depth eBook gives recommendations on how to measure and improve site performance, scalability, and security, Includes technical chapters on programming for performance in Magento.

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Instant Global Cache's Magento 2 extension provides an easy-install version of Varnish Cache for Magento. Install an optimal configuration of Varnish on our globally distributed network in a few simple steps.

Magento Extension

Case Studies and Articles works with Magento merchants around the globe to improve performance and increase revenue. Adore Beauty used Magento optimizations to increase cart conversions and revenue.

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Give your clients a Magento optimized CDN.

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You build the site. We bring the speed. is a Content Delivery Network that works with agile development teams to build faster, more secure and more scalable websites. We partner with Magento agencies to quickly and easily improve the performance and security of your clients' websites, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Impress your clients with the best website performance tools.

Your clients look to you for the most upto-date information on website optimization and security. By partnering with, you can give them access to a best-in-class content delivery network which delivers metrics in real-time and allows developers to fully test the functionality of their site before changes go live. is easy to implement and takes content delivery off of your hands.

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