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Tight integration with Magento and a complete Edge e-commerce solution for the fastest, most secure and most scalable Magento e-commerce stores.

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Serve more customers faster and more securely.

Moving to Magento 2 or looking for better performance in Magento 1? Section is a Magento edge solution that includes Varnish Cache, WAF, bot management and more to improve site speed, scale, and security.

Section’s Magento 2 extension provides an easy means to connect your Magento application to our globally distributed Varnish Cache solution.

Install an optimal configuration of Varnish Cache for your Magento application on our globally distributed network in a few simple steps.

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Connect your Magento application with Section's Magento Extension and leverage our pre-baked Magento-specific caching strategies to quickly and simply deliver faster Magento pages.

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Section's platform in front of your Magento application ensures your website performs well when traffic increases. More customers get to and then through your checkout.

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Caching content on a globally distributed network significantly decreases the number of requests to your servers. tight integration with the Section platform means you can cache more dynamic (and static) content.

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Add bot management and mitigation modules, or a Web Application Firewall. The Section Edge Compute Platform includes an automated HTTPS certificate for your entire website, and IP-level restrictions and control.

Magento Partners

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**You build the site. We bring the speed.**
Section is an Edge Compute Platform replacing legacy CDNs. Section works with agile development teams to build faster, more secure and more scalable websites. We partner with Magento agencies to quickly and easily improve the performance and security of your clients’ websites, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

**Impress your clients with the best website performance tools.**
Your clients look to you for the most up-to-date information on website optimization and security. By partnering with Section, you can give them access to a best-in-class Edge Compute Platform which delivers metrics in real time and allows developers to fully test the functionality of their site before changes go live. Section is easy to implement and takes edge delivery off of your hands.

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Let us help your team leverage Section’s Edge Compute Platform for your Magento website.