Load Balancing

Load balancing allows applications to serve more concurrent users by distributing traffic across multiple origin servers.

Ensure consistently fast website performance at any scale with Load Balancing.

The section.io platform offers flexible load balancing to ensure high availability and consistently fast performance during peak traffic times. Developers can leverage the open-source reverse proxy Varnish Cache to implement the best load balancing solution for their application.


No more outages.

Stop letting success threaten your revenue. With section.io’s load balancing, your application can scale to meet demand to make sure that you are ready to handle the next traffic spike, and route traffic away from unhealthy back ends.


Scale your application efficiently.

section.io’s load balancing allows your site to maintain superior performance at any scale by efficiently distributing traffic across your origin servers. Used in conjunction with dynamic content caching, your application will scale efficiently and affordably.

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Gain infrastructure flexibility.

Load balancing on section.io is built on top of the open-source Varnish Cache, and developers maintain full control of the configuration. This allows for incredible flexibility and compatibility with your technical infrastructure. Start with a simple set up and build a customized sophisticated load balancing solution over time.


Monitor performance in real-time.

Load balancing on the section.io platform comes complete with a comprehensive suite of DevOps logs, metrics, alerts, and monitoring which makes it possible to locate issues as they arise.

Get an all-in-one solution with section.io.

section.io offers Load Balancing as part of its Edge PaaS Platform in order to give companies the flexibility to customize their application delivery to fit the needs of their application. By using the open-source Varnish Cache for load balancing, developers can build their own rules for how their load balancing behaves.

section.io also provides developers the ability to integrate their load balancing solution into their development workflow, including testing in a development environment and robust log management, metrics, and monitoring tools.

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Load Balancing: Technical Details

section.io provides a layer 7 load balancer to immediately route HTTP requests based on rules you set that can include request location, device or browser type, and cookies or headers. In addition, you can utilize our load balancer to randomly distribute requests to your origin servers so that no one server is overloaded.

section.io has used VCL to create common load balancing scenarios that can be easily set up in your section.io portal by editing your VCL files. section.io provides git-backed version control for easy configuration, and in depth metrics and logs to show how each request was handled for quick diagnosis of issues.

With the combination of section.io’s load balancer, Varnish Cache, and ELK stack logs you can rest assured you will be able to easily handle traffic spikes and improve user experience.

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