IP Blocking

IP Blocking is a type of website security that blocks specific IP address or ranges of IP address from entering your website and performing potentially malicious activities.

Block unwanted traffic quickly and easily.

Blocking malicious IP addresses prevents attacks, keeps your customer data safe, and reduces unneeded load on your origin servers.

IP blocking

Control what traffic reaches your servers.

With IP blocking you can easily control who reaches your web application servers from within the section.io portal. Once an address or range of addresses is added to your blacklist all requests from that IP will be blocked from going through section.io.

block attacks

Block attacks as they occur.

When you see attacks or malicious activity occurring you can immediately add the offending IP addresses to your blacklist: requests will be blocked within seconds, protecting both your application and your visitors.

website performance

Improve experience for legitimate visitors

Spammers, bots, and attackers can result in poor user experience for legitimate visitors. Your website can slow down trying to respond to an influx of requests, and attackers may target customer data. By blocking threats you will improve UX for the visitors you care about.


Stay online during traffic surges

DoS attacks send hundreds or thousands of requests to your application at once, slowing it down and sometimes even taking it offline. Immediately identify and block the addresses making these requests so that your website stays online.

Improve your website security with section.io.

IP Blocking is an easily managed feature available in the section.io portal. Users can immediately be alerted to unusual activity and then respond by blocking the offending IP addresses. This feature is a part of section.io’s suite of website security tools, which include several advanced web application firewalls.

section.io also provides developers the ability to test before deployment and immediately identify issues via log management and real-time metrics, meaning that websites using section.io cache more content, scale faster, and block more threats than with any other solution.

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IP Blocking: Technical Details

Block a Specific Visitor by IP address or Block an Entire Country or Countries. Within seconds of adding an IP address or CIDR Block (Classless Inter-Domain Routing Block), these IP addresses will be prevented from reaching your application origin. Requests for an application can be blocked by IP address or routing prefix.

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