Instant Global Deployment

Propagate your configuration changes across a global network of edge servers in milliseconds.

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Deploy globally in milliseconds, not minutes.

With instant global deployment, you can respond to changing circumstances in real time and guarantee the experience for your users is consistent across the globe.

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Classic CDNs can take from minutes to hours to propagate configuration changes across their network of caching servers. With instant global deployment on Section, engineers can rest assured that every user will have a consistent experience regardless of where they are in the world.

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When it comes time to address vulnerabilities that may be cached on your edge network, there is no time to wait hours to propagate the patch. With Section, vulnerability patches will be globally deployed in milliseconds across your entire network keeping your application online and your customers' data safe.

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Instant global deployment makes it less risky to push more compute to the edge and cache more content at the edge by allowing engineers to address any errors they find in production without needing to wait hours for the change to propagate across the globe.

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Instant global deployment allows your engineering team to stay agile and deploy faster and more often by removing the risk that it will take hours to fix a mistake. Used in combination with the Developer PoP, engineering teams can engage in true CI/CD methodologies and speed up their development cycles.

Achieve risk-free deployments.

Section is the only Edge Compute Platform that gives you the ability to build and test your full configuration locally, instantly purge stale content, and deploy changes globally in milliseconds. This means you can cache more content and block more threats with less risk. If a configuration needs fixing, changes can be quickly deployed to all of Section’s Composable Edge Cloud.

Fast development and testing, fewer production issues, and ultimately, a better performance and security outcome, that’s what you’ll get with Section.

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