Instant Cache Purge

Execute specific, granular, and automated cache purge operations in 180 milliseconds across Section's globally distributed Edge Network.

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API or portal based cache control.

Section’s global caches can be cleared in milliseconds with a simple click in our portal or call to our API.

With instant cache purge, you can confidently build your web applications to cache more content, more often.

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Instant cache purge takes away the risk of caching the wrong content without a quick path to recovery, meaning applications can more confidently cache dynamic and regularly changing content types for faster page loads.

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Don’t get stuck serving stale content to users because of a slow cache clear. Remove and replace old cached content or update cache settings in milliseconds. Changes instantly propagate across Section's global edge network.

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Cache a specific URL or empty the entire cache with easy controls in Section’s portal or your CMS. Use custom Varnish Cache ban expressions and our API for even more granular, flexible control over cache purging.

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By caching more images and dynamic content to serve directly from the Section Edge Compute Platform, the number of requests made to your web servers will reduce. As a result of the decreased load on your origin servers, you will experience lower hosting costs.

Achieve risk-free deployments and granular cache control.

Section is the only Edge Compute Platform that gives you the ability to build and test your full configuration locally and instantly purge stale content globally. This means you can cache more content and block more threats with less risk.

If a configuration needs fixing, changes can be quickly deployed to all of Section’s global edge network.

Technical Details

Instant Cache Purge

End to end, a cache purge on Section takes 180 milliseconds. Section offers several options for clearing cache, from very granular clearing to a broad dump of the Section cache globally.

You can clear your edge cache on Section in a number of ways to achieve the cache clearing outcome you desire. Options include:

  • Purge specific URLs
  • Empty entire cache
  • Custom clear expression

You can drive cache purge operations in Section via:

  • Connecting to Section’s API
  • Integrated CMS plugins
  • Driving the easy to use Section portal interface

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